Beljan Development on the Fire at The Strathcona on Friday, March 29


March 30, 2019


Re: Strathcona Hotel Fire

Yesterday evening we were notified of a fire at the Strathcona Hotel. All of us at Beljan are deeply saddened by the destruction this fire has caused to one of the oldest buildings in Edmonton and the province. We are concerned about the impact this fire has had on the building, neighbouring properties and businesses and we are committed to working with all affected parties as we move forward.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the first responders, especially the Edmonton Fire Department, who played a critical role ensuring the public remained safe. Their prompt response and quick thinking was pivotal in controlling the fire and preventing it from causing further damage.

While we are unsure of the extent of damage to the building, we remain committed to restoring this historic Edmonton landmark to the high standards that we set out to achieve and to the level of quality we are known for. We will work with all stakeholders to retain as much of the building as possible in order to ensure it remains a fixture in one of Edmonton’s premier historic neighbourhoods.




Beljan Development

 Originally found on Beljan Development Instagram Account on March 30, 2019

Tricia Corcuera